Member Spotlight: Laura Coronado

With a love for all things marketing and communications, Laura Coronado manages the marketing strategies, initiatives, and efforts for WebDevStudios and Pluginize. She has over 25 years of marketing and communications experience, including time spent working in healthcare, entertainment, eCommerce, and public affairs. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and has previously… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Laura Coronado

Member Spotlight: Daugirdas Jankus

Daugirdas Jankus is the Chief Marketing Officer at Hostinger, a web hosting company based in Lithuania. He has been using WordPress since he was 12 years old, and he is an active member of the WordPress community. Over 6+ years in his role as CMO at Hostinger, Daugirdas has contributed to the company’s success and… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Daugirdas Jankus

Member Spotlight: Matt Laue

Matthew (Matt) Laue is a successful startup founder and CTO with a passion for innovative technology solutions. He began his career at IBM Research before moving on to lead Akiri Solutions, a technology consulting firm based in Silicon Valley. It was at Akiri that Matt discovered his love for the startup process after helping to… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Matt Laue

Member Spotlight: Carole Olinger

Carole joined the WordPress community back in 2016 and has been working with key companies in the industry ever since. As the Culture & Recruitment Strategist at Yoast, she’s dedicated to taking team culture and recruitment marketing to the next level. Carole is also the Head of CloudFest Hackathon, which sets benchmarks for open-source projects… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Carole Olinger

Member Spotlight: Amber Hinds

Amber Hinds is the CEO of Equalize Digital, Inc., a Certified B Corp specializing in WordPress accessibility, maker of the Accessibility Checker plugin, lead organizer of the WordPress Accessibility Meetup, and co-lead organizer of the WordPress Accessibility Day conference. Through her work at Equalize Digital, Amber is striving to create a world where all people… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Amber Hinds

Member Spotlight: James LePage

James LePage is a tech entrepreneur and experienced web developer with a focus on WordPress development and AI-powered tools. He is the founder of Isotropic, a digital agency based in New York City that specializes in building custom WordPress websites and WooCommerce shops for a variety of clients. Isotropic Agency is known for creating high-traffic… Continue reading Member Spotlight: James LePage

Member Spotlight: Robby McCullough

Hi I’m Robby. My two business partners and I started Beaver Builder about 10 years ago. We had a web agency and transitioned into selling software full-time. These days, I mostly lead our marketing efforts along with our marketing director, Anthony Tran. In my free time, I like to travel and eat out. In the… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Robby McCullough

Member Spotlight: Marcus Burnette

For the better part of the last 10 years, Marcus has been a WordPress designer and developer, focusing on small- to medium-sized businesses that wanted to sell their products online. He worked for a small marketing agency in Orlando, Florida, for a majority of that time, but also on his own as a freelance digital… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Marcus Burnette

Member Spotlight: James Giroux

James has been in the WordPress community since 2006. He’s been a user, a freelancer, an agency owner, a theme and plugin developer, a community wrangler, marketplace rep and hosting company marketing director. You could say he’s hit the home run of involvement in the WordPress ecosystem. James got his start in WordPress through his… Continue reading Member Spotlight: James Giroux

WordPress Layoffs: Some Resources

It’s been a common conversation lately. More and more companies have been reducing their staffs through layoffs. Concerning at least, terrifying at most. And as we seem to be entering (or are already into) a recession, it feels like it doesn’t have an end in sight. Here at Post Status we could report about what… Continue reading WordPress Layoffs: Some Resources