WordPress is People (Weekly Community Update)

Yes, of course WordPress is software. It’s code. It’s several different programming languages. It’s blocks. It’s the editor. Yes, it’s all of the technology.  But it’s people. It’s created by people. It’s used by people. It relies on people to move it forward, to modify it, to moderate it, and to build community around it.… Continue reading WordPress is People (Weekly Community Update)

WordPress Community Roundup

A New Home for the WordPress Community? It sounds like a tall order, but there it is: over at Ollie, Mike McAlister has proposed “a thought experiment and design concept” called OpenPress: What would it look like to start connecting millions of websites, users, and content that power half of the web in a more… Continue reading WordPress Community Roundup

A World of Ideas

Three quick things I want you to know about: Post Status, like WordPress, is a global community. And we’re making progress toward serving our entire community step by step. On Fridays now, you can join our European Member Huddle hosted by members Jason Rouet and Evangelia Pappa.  If you have Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, share those… Continue reading A World of Ideas

WordCamp US San Diego 2022 Experiences — Post Status Draft 124

There are always new people coming in, being embraced and accepted, and being shown the way. Cory Miller Cory and Michelle talk about their takeaways from WordCamp US. Highlights: The Post Status Huddle ahead of the conference. Areas to improve: Michelle explains her experience with some accessibility challenges. What everyone agrees on: we love getting… Continue reading WordCamp US San Diego 2022 Experiences — Post Status Draft 124

Agency Business Brief for the Week of September 12

WordPress Founders Invest in Atarim • Gridpane and Automattic Team Up to Serve Agencies • Salary Transparency — Why Not? • Learning Together in Post Status Slack: Adobe’s Figma Acquisition and PayPal vs. Stripe Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Founders Invest in Atarim Just before WCUS, Vito Peleg announced Atarim has completed its first funding… Continue reading Agency Business Brief for the Week of September 12