Member Spotlight: Vito Peleg

Vito Peleg is the founder & CEO of Atarim – the internet’s collaborative layer. They’re the visual collaboration & workflow platform that’s trusted by teams from startup to enterprise to help them ship their best work. Originating from his own needs as a web design agency building sites for clients, realizing that communicating with clients… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Vito Peleg

Member Spotlight: Zach Stepek

For the last decade, Zach’s been helping store owners run some of the largest WooCommerce stores in the world, and he’s currently helping customers run complex, scalable commerce websites at Convesio. His expertise has led to him working with and teaching at household name brands like Discover Financial, Dow Jones, Hearst, Behr Process, IBM, and… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Zach Stepek

Member Spotlight: Justin Ferriman

I am a business coach to founders of digital products and agencies (both in and outside of WordPress). Prior to coaching, I was the founder and CEO of LearnDash, achieving a respectable 32% YoY growth and 76% profit margin over eight years before eventually selling. What do you enjoy most about working in WordPress? I… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Justin Ferriman

Member Spotlight: Richard Gorbutt

Richard is the Founder & Owner of Peachy Software. He started developing on an Atari ST and sold shareware in the UK, FoneCost. Migrated that to Windows 3.1 and NT4 (!). Started web development with PHP 3 and continued to learn and grow over years. What do you enjoy most about working in WordPress? WordPress… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Richard Gorbutt

Member Spotlight: Jennifer Schramm

Jennifer Schramm, Direct of Product Marketing, SolidWP, LearnDash, The Events Calendar Before joining the StellarWP team, I owned a full service advertising agency focused primarily on tech and B2B (from 2002-2020). As president and chief marketing strategist, my role was to help companies ranging from Fortune 10 brands to start ups achieve top-level business objectives… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Jennifer Schramm

Member Spotlight: Varun Dubey

Varun Dubey, the Founder and CEO of Wbcom Designs, embarked on his freelance career in 2010 via Upwork, specializing initially in WordPress web development. His entrepreneurial journey led to the establishment of Wbcom Designs in 2010, where he shifted his focus towards contributing to the WordPress community, particularly in BuddyPress. Wbcom Designs, under the leadership… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Varun Dubey