Jobs Change, Membership Doesn’t

Post Status has been a haven for kindness and generosity, but it’s thanks to our members, readers, listeners, colleagues, and friends that the work we do together and the fun we have is good, meaningful, and regenerative for our community. On that note, this is my last post in my role as editor at Post… Continue reading Jobs Change, Membership Doesn’t

Member Spotlight: Parvez Akther

Parvez Akther is a serial entrepreneur and open source enthusiastic. Prior to WordPress, his company built the first full featured page builder for Joomla. He’s now building ThriveDesk, an all-in-one customer support solution for SaaS and e-commerce. ThriveDesk is the first CX software that has deep integration with WordPress. What do you enjoy most about… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Parvez Akther

Member Spotlight: Igor Ligay

Igor Ligay is the founder of Stylemix, which was established in 2007. They now have 40+ people working in-house. At Stylemix, they create WordPress plugins and themes. Stylemix is in the TOP-20 Best-Seller authors list on, is a contributor on, and also has a premium WordPress support and maintenance services. Igor is looking… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Igor Ligay

What AI and Automation Are — and Aren’t — Good For

Thoughts on how AI and automation can be enabling to individuals and help us all be part of our communities where human-to-human interaction is the best and most vital part. • We love our community on Twitter, but maybe that’s not where our community will be in the future. • Nev Harris is in our… Continue reading What AI and Automation Are — and Aren’t — Good For