Post Status Confirms New Community Code of Conduct

Drawing heavily from the WordPress/WordCamp Code of Conduct, Post Status has implemented a new Post Status Community Code of Conduct. While the Post Status Community works really well at self-moderating, a community like ours should always have a standard for conduct. This newly confirmed code of conduct sets a base level for behavior and respect,… Continue reading Post Status Confirms New Community Code of Conduct

WordCamp Asia Wrap-up

I know you’re wondering. And yes, I showered. As a matter of fact, the WordCamp Asia team was very deliberate in considering disability needs from the start of Contributor Day through to the announcement of WCAsia 2024 at closing remarks. The hotel was perfect. The venue had elevators and automatic doors (or security stationed to… Continue reading WordCamp Asia Wrap-up

The Magic of Cooperation Between ‘Competitors’

Years ago, my friend Josh Strebel gave a talk titled “Cooperation over Competition” and it resonated deeply with me.  In fact, some of my first and best friends in WordPress were my “competitors.” (Hey Brian and Jason!) I’m very thankful that connection, cooperation and collaboration is already happening every day here in Slack, through DMs, in public, private channels and beyond. It’s… Continue reading The Magic of Cooperation Between ‘Competitors’

Jobs Change, Membership Doesn’t

Post Status has been a haven for kindness and generosity, but it’s thanks to our members, readers, listeners, colleagues, and friends that the work we do together and the fun we have is good, meaningful, and regenerative for our community. On that note, this is my last post in my role as editor at Post… Continue reading Jobs Change, Membership Doesn’t

The Obstacle is Our Way — Together

A couple of thoughts on my mind:  Never waste a good crisis: In terms of business, I’m reminded repeatedly: When everybody hunkers down, pauses or even rushes out … maybe that’s an opportunity to take their space and lean in. Reading The Obstacle is the Way in 2014 fundamentally changed my perspective and how I operate.  The… Continue reading The Obstacle is Our Way — Together

Agency Owners: Let’s Talk

WordPress agencies are key players in the WordPress ecosystem. They’re working on the frontlines building the Open Web with WordPress for their clients. That’s essential to sustained and vibrant growth for everyone with a stake in WordPress and Open Source. I’ve had some great conversations with our Post Status Agency Owner members in the past few… Continue reading Agency Owners: Let’s Talk

Agency Owners: If You Could Ask Anyone Anything…

Hey all— In our #Agency-Owner channel I asked this week: If you could ask anyone anything related to your work as an agency — who would it be OR more importantly what would you want to ask? The initial answers are already helping us support your valuable, yet often underserved work here (and of benefit… Continue reading Agency Owners: If You Could Ask Anyone Anything…

A World of Ideas

Three quick things I want you to know about: Post Status, like WordPress, is a global community. And we’re making progress toward serving our entire community step by step. On Fridays now, you can join our European Member Huddle hosted by members Jason Rouet and Evangelia Pappa.  If you have Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, share those… Continue reading A World of Ideas

Two Key Questions We Need To Answer

What are the best things the WordPress community can do to better support plugin developers and founders? Recent discussions around the Active Install data being removed from forces us to respond to this question if we believe a healthy third-party plugin market is essential to WordPress, as I do. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes… Continue reading Two Key Questions We Need To Answer

What Can We All Do to Better Support Our Plugin Developers?

The recent discussions around the Active Installs data being removed from the WordPress Repo prompted a couple of questions I think we need to answer as a bigger WP community and particularly our members at Post Status. As someone who lived in the WordPress product space for 10+ years and had free and paid plugins… Continue reading What Can We All Do to Better Support Our Plugin Developers?