A Visit from the Good Idea Fairy

WordPress Business Roundup for the Week of October 17 Building, Supporting, and Selling a Winning Product — With or Without WordPress.org • Are Active Install Counts Relevant to Your Business’s Success? (Even if they are accurate? And they haven’t been.) • Let’s Fix What’s Broken (The Plugin Repo) Not What Isn’t (The Freemium Model) • Follow… Continue reading A Visit from the Good Idea Fairy

Best Practices and Tools from rtCamp

I’ve been collecting rtCamp news for a while — they have a great monthly newsletter — and here are some of the highlights worth sharing broadly. rtLearn = rtGrowth First of all, is rtLearn — not new but not as well known as it should be. As a large and growing company well positioned in… Continue reading Best Practices and Tools from rtCamp

Shiny New Releases

Gravity Forms 7.1 Beta 1 has been released for testing. SpinupWP has had some nice updates lately, and they’ve launched a really nice community forum space at community.spinupwp.com using Circle — circle.so. Dollie 2.0 is two and a half years after its launch. Dollie bills itself as a “Cloud Platform Builder for the WordPress community”… Continue reading Shiny New Releases