Catching up with Do the Woo

Bob puts out so much writing and audio at Do the Woo and has so many different people featured, it’s hard to keep up! These are some recent ones I’ve taken note of but didn’t get into a post or newsletter. Definitely worth a listen: Did you know a client’s involvement in a project makes… Continue reading Catching up with Do the Woo

Learning and Pulling Together

This week was all about revisiting and continuing conversations that have special value and maybe for that reason tend to continue on with a life of their own. Tom Willmot dropped a fine Twitter thread about the challenge all enterprise WordPress agencies face. This came in response to Magne Ilsas‘ featured post here last week,… Continue reading Learning and Pulling Together

Who’s Going to Pay for All This?

Magne Ilsaas wants WordPress to be more than the pragmatic choice for enterprise clients. He wants WordPress agencies to be known for a distinct WordPress culture and mindset. Alain Schlesser, Carole Olinger, Carl Alexander, and Zach Stepek have a frank talk with Bob Dunn about the costs of not supporting WordPress contributors. Post Status members… Continue reading Who’s Going to Pay for All This?

Over, Under, Around, and Through

WordPress Business News Roundup for the Week of October 3 This week Alex Denning (Ellipsis) draws on Iain Poulson‘s historical, high-level plugin data at WP Trends to offer some thoughtful, somewhat contrary, but practical and grounded perspectives on the value of Active Install Data. At the WP Watercooler and elsewhere, a realization seems to be… Continue reading Over, Under, Around, and Through

What is a WordPress developer?

That was the question on an episode of Woo DevChat with Ebonie Butler, Lisa Canini, Robbie Adair, and Kathy Zant. An interesting one to compare with Zach Stepek, Till Krüss, and Carl Alexander discussing the same question on an earlier episode. What is a WordPress Developer with Ebonie, Lisa, Kathy and Robbie Taking On WordPress… Continue reading What is a WordPress developer?