Business Roundup Week Ending April 28

Ultimate Tech Event Sponsorship Deck is a comprehensive list of over 450 tech events tailored to connect tech innovators with the ideal platform for showcasing their groundbreaking ideas or solutions. The deck promises to offer crucial details about each event, such as links to their websites, key themes, target audience, and estimated attendance, making it easy for tech innovators to find the best event to attend or sponsor. The deck is updated weekly with new possibilities and changes or updates to current events, ensuring that tech innovators stay updated with emerging trends and technologies.

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Travel Grants for WordCamp US 2023

The 2023 travel grant program for WordCamp US was announced to increase the diversity of speakers at the event. The program offers grants of at least $1,000 per speaker to help cover travel expenses for those from underrepresented groups applying to speak at the event. Companies can also contribute to the program and receive recognition through promotional material related to WordCamp US. 

“I Spent 14 Days Studying A Programmer Who Built a $167 B Company — Here Are His Weird Rules To Build a Startup.”

The article discusses five strange rules that Marc Benioff, the founder of Salesforce, followed to build a multibillion-dollar software services company. The rules include taking time off to gain mental clarity, thinking differently, using cloud computing for software delivery, hiring the best talent at any cost, and establishing oneself as a thought leader. The article also mentions Benioff’s background, his sabbatical that changed the trajectory of his life, and his vision to end traditional software and technology models.

WP Feature Notifications Project Progresses Towards MVP for Standardizing Admin Notifications

The WP Feature Notifications project, previously known as WP Notify, aims to bring order to WordPress notifications by creating a unified notification center. The project has implemented a more advanced JavaScript-based system for displaying notices in its 0.2.0 update. Jonathan Bossenger is stepping down as project leader, with Joe Bailey-Roberts taking over. The team is working on an MVP that will include persistent database storage of notification data and remove demo content from the plugin in version 0.3.0. Contributors are seeking a partnership with a core committer and additional contributors with PHP and SQL experts to help prepare the plugin for core inclusion. You can contribute to the project during its weekly office hours or at WordCamp Europe’s Contributor Day to help create a standardized way of displaying notifications to simplify site management.

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