Business Roundup Week Ending May 5

WishList is Joining the Caseproof Family of Products

• WishList Products, the parent company of WishList Member™ and CourseCure, has been acquired by Caseproof and its CEO Blair Williams. 

• Tracy Childers, Co-Founder of WishList Products, will no longer be involved in the business, but the entire team will continue to run WishList with the guidance of Blair Williams and his team.

• The acquisition means users can buy WishList Member™ and get access to CourseCure for free until they merge into one robust platform later this year. 

• With the new addition, Caseproof’s impressive list of products now includes MemberPress, Easy Affiliate, Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliates, Buy Now Plus, MemberMouse, and WishList Member™

• The vision is to make WishList Member™ even better and easier to use than it already is with significant improvements, additions, and upgrades to the platform. 

• Ultimately, WishList Product is now part of a more prominent family of WordPress products that will lead it to become the best enterprise WordPress membership plugin.

The Diversity Hiring Conundrum: 3 Reasons You’re Not Meeting Your Tech Diversity Goals—and 4 Strategies for Moving Forward

Despite best intentions, businesses struggle to overcome tech-based diversity gaps. Outdated mindsets and practices continue to prevent individuals from accessing opportunities. This ebook takes a data-driven look at the causes of this problem, offering proven strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse talent – as seen in successful partnerships with global brands.

Product Hunt: 9 AI Tools for better meetings

Product Hunt provides 9 AI tools to make meetings more productive and efficient: offers an easy way to record, transcribe, and search calls in one centralized place. 

Otter is a web application that transcribes speaking using machine learning on millions of hours of audio recordings.

Krisp mutes background noise with one click to create better-quality sound on calls. 

tl;dv lets teams have fewer meetings while keeping everyone in the loop. 

SuperNormal offers quick video updates with AI-powered summaries to stay connected without scheduling meetings or crossing time zones. 

Airgram for Google Meet & Zoom features live transcription, speaker detection, collaborative notes, and more. 

Fathom records and transcribes conversations in Zoom calls, allowing users to share highlights easily. is an AI meeting assistant that creates action items and follow-ups from meetings. 

MacWhisper uses OpenAI’s state-of-the-art technology to quickly and accurately transcribe audio files into text fast.

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