A Visit from the Good Idea Fairy

WordPress Business Roundup for the Week of October 17 Building, Supporting, and Selling a Winning Product — With or Without WordPress.org • Are Active Install Counts Relevant to Your Business’s Success? (Even if they are accurate? And they haven’t been.) • Let’s Fix What’s Broken (The Plugin Repo) Not What Isn’t (The Freemium Model) • Follow… Continue reading A Visit from the Good Idea Fairy

Five takes on helpful plugin stats and insights

Good ideas for the future of data disclosed to plugin authors using the wordpress.org repository: Let’s take this discussion somewhere else! Identify surges of unhappy users reacting to a bad release. Use pageview analytics to estimate total potential user interest and conversion rates. Assess a plugin’s performance with the .org search algorithm, the quality of… Continue reading Five takes on helpful plugin stats and insights

Post Status Picks for the Week of July 25

Syntax.fm has an interview with Syed Balkhi about Awesome Motive, how WordPress and PHP are viewed by developers, and his charity efforts. The WP Minute features Amber Hinds on Equalize Digital’s first exit. Sean Blakeley talks about transitioning a large agency over to Gutenberg at the WP Tavern‘s Jukebox.