WordPress in Substack’s History

I wish this was a WordPress story. It should’ve been and could still be — a simple publishing platform built around freemium newsletters — and writers. In a way, it is a WordPress story. Ben Thompson’s Stratechery was a Substack inspiration and has always run on WordPress, I believe. There’s also this: Our plan was… Continue reading WordPress in Substack’s History

WooCommerce vs. Shopify: Why Do We Make It So Hard?

Rob Howard built the MasterWP merch store as quickly as possible with WooCommerce, and then he assessed the relative difficulty of building with Woo rather than Shopify. His conclusion? A high-end WP developer [i.e., Rob] needed half a day to do something that could have been accomplished in a matter of minutes on Shopify… and… Continue reading WooCommerce vs. Shopify: Why Do We Make It So Hard?

WordPress.com has changed a lot

This is managed WordPress hosting — and has been all a long I’ve been delinquent with posting on my .blog blog on WordPress.com for about a year, so when I bought into the Pro plan after the first recent price change the new stuff really stood out. (I’m also pleased I upgraded then, because after… Continue reading WordPress.com has changed a lot