Patchstack Partners with Hostinger

In the run-up to WCUS, I missed out on mentioning Patchstack has partnered with Hostinger to offer their customers a proactive security monitoring and update tool. Hostinger CMO Daugirdas Jankas explains how that tool works, thanks to Patchstack’s vulnerability database. The database is constantly updated by a community of security researchers formerly called the Patchstack… Continue reading Patchstack Partners with Hostinger

First of the Independents

It’s a great time for WordPress agencies and product companies of any size Consolidation through mergers and acquisitions isn’t the only big business story in WordPress. Partnerships are increasing too. Founders investing in founders. Product companies and agencies expanding their own ecosystems. Informal partnerships to protect common interests. There are a lot of ways to… Continue reading First of the Independents

Winning, Together, in a Decentralizing Plugin Ecosystem

I wonder if OrganizeWP might be seen as a leading indicator for a couple of important trends and opportunities in the plugin business. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Cory mentioned Jon Christopher‘s debut of OrganizeWP last week for its unique and unusual pricing model: no subscriptions, you just buy all releases within one major release… Continue reading Winning, Together, in a Decentralizing Plugin Ecosystem

WordPress at a Massive Scale

Cory Miller talks with Lead Solutions Engineer at WordPress VIP, Sean O’Shaughnessy. Learn about WordPress hosting at a massive scale with some blind case study examples. Recorded on August 12, 2022. Topics Discussed How Sean got into his present role The trouble with caching, internal and external requests, and dynamic database-driven publishing platforms. Headless and… Continue reading WordPress at a Massive Scale

#37 – Jonathan Wold on How Partnerships Might Help Your WordPress Business

On the podcast today we have Jonathan Wold. Jonathan joined the WordPress community seventeen years ago, and he’s been here ever since. He likes to think about WordPress as an operating system for creating on the open web, and invests his time and energy into growing the WordPress ecosystem. With that in mind he gave… Continue reading #37 – Jonathan Wold on How Partnerships Might Help Your WordPress Business

Partnerships in WordPress and WooCommerce

Bob Dunn breaks down the main types of partnerships he sees working (in different contexts) in the Woo/WP space: Affiliates and income-generating partnerships The Real Business Partnership The Sponsorship Partnership The Soft Partnership Read/listen to the whole thing for good insights and advice on these options to gain value from relationships with others.