Jobs Change, Membership Doesn’t

Post Status has been a haven for kindness and generosity, but it’s thanks to our members, readers, listeners, colleagues, and friends that the work we do together and the fun we have is good, meaningful, and regenerative for our community. On that note, this is my last post in my role as editor at Post… Continue reading Jobs Change, Membership Doesn’t

New Venue Accessibility Checklist in the WordCamp Organizer Handbook

WordPress Community News Roundup for the Week of October 17 You may recall my prior post, 5 Days Without a Shower, in which I wrote about my disability experiences at WCUS 2022. Writing things from a place of vulnerability isn’t always easy, but sometimes they’re necessary. Creating that post gave you insight into my experiences,… Continue reading New Venue Accessibility Checklist in the WordCamp Organizer Handbook

Member Spotlight: Miriam Schwab

Miriam Schwab is the co-Founder and Head of Strattic, an end-to-end static hosting and publishing platform for WordPress websites. After years of dealing with the ongoing struggle of keeping client WordPress sites secure and performant at her agency, Miriam realized that these issues could be solved in a radical way by converting the sites to… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Miriam Schwab